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Top Five Often Ignored Business Tech Problems

Computer problems at your business are more than just a small issue. When your system goes down, orders aren’t processed, questions don’t get answered, and sales aren’t made. Your business loses revenue every minute that your computer system is down. You and your business can’t afford this, but you don’t have an IT department to fix things. What do you do? Call Personal Computing Solutions of Flint.

With PCS, you don’t need an IT support person. We’ll come to your office to provide computer services for your business. This is an excellent option for small businesses, branch offices and other commercial enterprises. Let PCS provide your IT services – we cater to small and medium-sized businesses such as:

Financial offices

Retail stores



Law firms

Doctor / dental offices

Manufacturing companies

And much more!

Check out the variety of IT services and computer repair options we offer to small businesses in Flint and the surrounding areas:

Ongoing Computer Maintenance

Operating systems and applications need updates performed on a regular basis in order to stay secure and functioning properly. PCS can assist your office with ongoing maintenance so your employees can get right to work!

Remote Assistance

PCS can assist your employees remotely with troubleshooting problems on their computers or mobile devices. Help is just a phone call away, no matter where your employees are!

Computer Backups

Regular backups of business data is essential. PCS can perform a review of your backup solution and make recommendations based on your company’s needs. We can also assist with basic data recovery if needed.

Computer Repair

Are you hearing complaints from employees that the computers are running slowly or not functioning? PCS can help with troubleshooting your office’s computer issues, and performing a wipe & re-install if necessary.

Computer Setup

Did you recently outfit your office with new computing equipment? PCS can assist in getting these machines setup and ready to go so your employees don’t miss a beat. This includes performing OS updates, installing applications and peripherals, and getting it on the network.

Server Installation

Are computer management costs getting too high? Consider the addition of a server, which will give you a central point of access to roll out changes to all employee computers at once. PCS can get this set up for you and assist with regular maintenance.

Secure Wipe of Hard Drives

Do you have a hard drive that needs to be recycled, but are you concerned it may have your company’s classified or proprietary data still on it? PCS can perform a secure wipe of the hard drive so that no data sensitive remains.

Peripheral Setup and Installation

Purchasing a new printer, scanner, or something else? We can help you install the necessary software and drivers in order to get everything working properly for everyone in the office.

Computer Component Installation

In need of additional RAM, a more powerful graphics card, or an upgrade to a solid-state drive? PCS can get these components installed and configured for you.

Malware Diagnosis, Removal, and Repair

Viruses sometimes happen – PCS can troubleshoot the problem and recommend a solution. We’ll also help you formulate a plan for future protection and prevention.

Network Installation and Support

PCS can assist with network design and installation, troubleshooting network problems, adding and configuring Wi-Fi, VPN setup, and anything else your employees may need in order to get connected.


Computer Purchase Advice

Don’t have time to figure out which computers are best for you and your employees? PCS can give you a recommendation on what to purchase based on your business’s specific needs.

Please Note: Hardware repair for Apple / Mac machines is not offered at this time. Physical damage repair for Android or iOS devices is also unavailable.

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Personal Computing Solutions now offers remote mobile support for iPhone, Android, and more!

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Mobile Application Issues

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Quickly set up your email on your mobile phone or tablet.

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