About Us

Is a full-time IT employee not in the budget?

PCS can provide your small business with ongoing maintenance and on-call support.

PCS Logo, circa 1994

PCS Logo, circa 1994

Peg DuBuc started PCS back in 1994 under the name “Peg’s Consulting Service.” Initially the company only provided technology and computing-related services to those in the Genesee County area, however, in order to keep the books for her own company, Peg taught herself QuickBooks and quickly realized that she was pretty good at it!

Peg’s services were in such high demand that she decided to hire her first employee shortly thereafter, and changed the company name to Personal Computing Solutions. We’re celebrating 25 years in business this June, and we’re always expanding our knowledge and services in order to better assist our clients.

PCS Logo, circa 1994

PCS Logo, circa 1994

Meet the Team


QuickBooks Consultant


Computer Technician

What Sets Us Apart

We come to you! We work with YOUR business or personal computing needs on YOUR computer or device! Training time does not become lost work time. We also offer customized services based on our professional experiences. No need to take classes that are geared for a group – we personalize each session to fit your specific needs. We are committed to full client satisfaction.

What Our Customers Say

Amanda Korte Testimonial

Vinnie was super helpful and quickly resolved my issue!

Amanda KorteSimple Mortgage

Linda MacKay Testimonial

Oh My… I was so stressed and then Vinnie came online and saved the day! Thank you so much for your help! I truly hope to work with you more in the future!

Linda MacKayGenesee Landlords Association

Sharon Eisen Testimonial

I have always had good luck with this company for years and years. Sometimes a phone call will do it. Sometimes it requires more. But I have recommended them to many of my friends who were not disappointed.

Sharon Eisen

Linda Brant Testimonial

Working with PCS has really saved me time and money. The staff from PCS is always friendly and courteous. I’m not afraid to call for help when I need it.

Linda BrantBishop Airport

Al Serra Testimonial

PCS was extremely helpful and patient in getting me more knowledgeable working with my computer. I will keep taking lessons until I reach my desired proficiency level.

Al SerraSerra Investment, Inc.