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PCS has been providing tech services to Genesee County since 1994.

All PCS technicians are college-educated.

We can solve your computer problems and train you on how to BEST work with the technology you have.

Services Residential

Personal, Helpful Assistance for Individuals & Families

Looking for an IT guy you can trust? PCS can help you choose which computer will meet your needs and train you on how to get the most from your purchase!

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Services Business

Professional Support for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

Is your business in need of ongoing IT support? PCS can help with regular computer maintenance, both in-person and remote, so your business can keep going!

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Services QuickBooks

Expert-Level QuickBooks Consulting Services

If you use QuickBooks to manage your accounting, our QuickBooks expert can help with data entry, management of your company file, accounting, and more!

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3. Success!

You gain the peace of mind knowing your computing technology is in great hands.

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